The New Year

The story is at last getting told. I worked at the writing of it over decades, and I captured what I wrote on paper. I thought I was putting the hardest piece of that road behind me. Much of that paper has warmed me by the fire it fed. It warms me further to think of the good collection of notes that remains.

This has liberated me, has it not? Perhaps I had to be worn out and left at the end of my rope. Now, right out of the blue, I am stumbling upon that nexus of talents and energies without which no story quickens, no plot thickens.

I hope you are wide awake, the characters are in the moment for you, and the story gets told.

In the meantime, before that story starts to appear, let us amuse ourselves with cats and canaries.

  I resolve, if you like not my writing, go read something else.  Richard Burton